ocrX Convert Image to Text

Extract text from images from over 100 languages with incredible accuracy using ocrX.

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ocrX - Image to Text

ocrX is an easy to use online tool designed to help you quickly extract text from images. You can scan and extract text from any image swiftly with incredible accuracy using ocrX.

ocrX supports extracting text from over 100 languages. After extracting the text, you can also export the results as TXT, PDF or a DOC file.

How to extract text from images using ocrX?

Scanning and extracting text using ocrX is quite simple. Follow these steps to extract text from any image.

Upload the image

Drag and drop or choose an image from your phone or PC that you want to scan.

Choose the language

Select the language of the text in the image.

Extract text from the image

Click on the Extract button to scan and extract text from your image. You can then choose to either copy the resulting text to clipboard or export it as a TXT, PDF or DOC file.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is ocrX and what does it do?

ocrX is an online Image Compressor tool that allows you to compress image files to a specific size with ease. It’s ideal for optimizing images for web, emails, or online forms.

Is ocrX free to use?

Yes, ocrX is a completely free tool. There are no usage limitations it.

Do I need to install any app to use ocrX?

No, ocrX is a web-based Image Compressor. The image is compressed right inside your web browser.

How do I compress an image using ocrX?

Upload the image you want to compress, choose the desired size, and click the “Compress” button. Your compressed image will be ready for download within seconds.

What image formats does ocrX support?

We currently support compressing images in JPEG, PNG and WebP formats.

Is it safe to upload my images to ocrX?

We don’t upload any images to our server for processing. The entire compression happens locally inside your web browser. Your images never leave your device.

Do you store my images?

We don’t upload any images to our server. All processing happens locally and we don’t store any image data.